why cleanse

lets get this body started!

Welcome to the Juice Body Cleanse, a great method to detoxify the body. Make sure that you have the time to enjoy and be relaxed during your cleanse. Ask yourself the following questions. Do you wish you had more energy in the mornings, instead of dragging yourself all day long? Do you want to learn to wind down and relax instead of falling from exhaustion? Do you want to understand why the body craves junk food and sugar? Do you want to shed extra weight and reshape your body? If you answer yes, then welcome to the Juice Body Cleanse!

what is a cleanse

A cleanse is a process of detoxifying the body by eliminating waste, chemicals, poisons, and other harmful residuals that get stored in our bodies. Cleansing is an optimal way of giving our bodies the break it deserves while keeping ourselves nutritionally satisfied. Flood your body with essential nutrients, combining fresh, organic fruits and vegetables full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Stimulate your metabolism, eliminate toxins, reinvigorate your body, improve cellular detoxification, and bring your body back to balance.

why cleanse

We cleanse because in our modern day living we are constantly exposed to numerous toxins in our environment. This toxic overload makes us tired, sluggish, bloated, compromising our immune system and making us more succeptible to infection and disease. At Get Juiced we offer you a delicious selection of coldpressed, organic vegetable and fruit juices, rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Refuel your body! Jumpstart your metabolism!


Increased energy, increased mental clarity, better sleep patterns, radiant complexion, feeling of lightness, regulated colon, healthy hair and nail, reduces stress, calms the nervous system, cleanses the blood, floods the body with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, heals your digestive system, decreases your sugar craving, fine tunes your senses.

how do we get started

Cut the C.R.A.P.

C caffeine

R refined sugar

A alcohol

P processed food

Ok, you got it?

what are you afraid of

Not eating? Not getting enough food? Feeling hungry and starved?

Don’t be afraid. Our juices are nutritionally packed to satisfy and reboot your bodies needs. An example of one of our juices in the cleanse contains four carrots, three celery, one whole apple, and a beet. Still feeling hungry after five juices? No problem, you can always add a small salad, primarily dark greens, drizzled with lemon and a touch of olive oil. You can also purchase additional body boosters to add to your drink.

how it works

Choose the cleanse that is right for you. Take five minutes to consult with your health coach, so that she can customize your cleanse. Your cleanse package includes tips and techniques on self care so that you can maximize the benefits of your cleanse.

We offer three different cleanse packages that you can choose from. We offer 1, 2, 3, or 5 day cleanses. Each juice body cleanse give you five 16 OZ juices per day. We suggest that you constantly hydrate your body with fresh, filtered water. You are also allowed to have the following:

Herbal Tea, Organic Coconut Water, Vegetable Broth, Aloe Vera Clear Juice, Body Booster shots from our menu.

which cleanse is right for me

Please inform us if there is any health conditions that we need to be aware of before we prepare your cleanse package.

If you are unsure and need further information to commit to the right cleanse, schedule a phone consultation with our Certified Holistic Health Coach, Margarita Carreras, specializing in body detox programs, by calling us at 845-835-8402.


By purchasing a Juice Body Cleanse program, you agree that you have read and understood the information provided to you before starting the program.

As with any nutritional program, you should consult a license healthcare practictioner before beginning. Nothing in the Juice Body Cleanse should be miscontrued as medical treatment or advice. The participant understands that undertaking this program is the sole responsibility of the participant, and not that of the provider.

A juice detox is not recommended for pregnant women, or anyone with chronic health issues such as diabetes.

By purchasing the Juice Body Cleanse you understand and agree to the terms and conditions.