Carlos Padilla
Margarita Carreras

For me, my love of delicious and fresh food started at a very young age. I was born in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and even though I was raised in the city, I spent all of my summers at my grandparent’s farm. There everything was organically grown and I learned to cook using all fresh, organic produce. Though my love of cooking never faded, I decided to pursue an alternate career path once I came to America. I studied Marketing at Baruch College, Furniture and Interior Design at Parsons and FIT, in addition to receiving a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts from Mercy College. Though I dedicated the last thirty years of my life to designing and manufacturing furniture, I continued to enjoy cooking for my family and friends. Ultimately, when Margarita and I decided to launch Get Juiced! that is when everything came full circle for me. At Get Juiced! we use fresh, organically grown produce, which brings me right back to my grandparent’s farm. I can promise that I pour the same amount of love, passion, and care into the soups I create here, as I do for my loved ones at home.